How Dogs Talk Around The World

This bright and colourful picture book is a fun introduction to the world of languages for children of any age – from 3 to 99. It’s a great gift for dog lovers and language geeks alike.

Packed full of wonderful illustrations of 14 different dog breeds, examples of simple words and sounds used in 14 languages, as well as maps and special features (sometimes based on typical myths in those countries), this book will take you and your child on a trip into the world of dogs, multilingualism and geography.

“Kittioms” From Around The World. About Cats In Different Languages

The purr-pose of this book is not only to show you some cute kitties from around the world but also to illustrate the rich and diverse multilingual world. Using paw-some illustrations, it looks at 14 countries, 14 languages, 14 kittioms and 14 cat breeds. How do we call cats to come to us in all these languages, and how do they reply? What kitty-related idioms are there in different countries, where do they come from and what similar versions are there in other languages? These are just some of the interesting questions that are answered in the colourful pages of this book.
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